Equalize is a pioneer of dual-shore full lifecycle product engineering delivery and our track record is a testimonial to its success. Our blended delivery approach combines the technology, practices, and accountability of the global organization with the scalability of the Development Centres in Bangalore and Pune to deliver the optimal mix of skilled resources and efficiencies at minimal risk for customers. Clients benefit from lower costs, flexible locations for software engineers, shortened project lifecycles due to cost/productivity advantages, and exceptionally high quality processes.

Our delivery methodology provides customers with business analysis and project management control onsite and operates with time-tested, proven quality processes and high security commitments, thereby mitigating the risks and uncertainties of offshore development projects. Equalize interoperate seamlessly with the consultants based in our two wholly Development Centres, leveraging deep engineering skills, compelling cost efficiencies and superior quality and consistency of service. By lowering costs, improving performance, and most importantly—enabling your IT resources to focus on higher value core activities, the ROI of your project is realized much sooner.

Benefits of Equalize Delivery Methodology

· Reduced overall cost and lower total cost of ownership

· Enhanced productivity levels

· More efficient use of management resources

· Proficient resource management

Development Centre services apply to various IT and business requirements:

· Custom application development

· Product implementation and support

· End-to-end application development and maintenance outsourcing

· Application reengineering services

· Application migration and porting services

Development Centre can be allocated for fixed or variable time periods, depending upon the scope of work. In addition, the India Development Centre assumes complete responsibility for infrastructure management, recruitment, personnel training, hardware/software procurement and maintenance, the communication network, HR management, primary project management and quality control. In short, customers enjoy the benefits of improved communication, higher productivity, and better synergy.