Knowledge Management System (EaZe-KMS)
EaZe-KMS has been designed and developed keeping the requirements of the organization in the knowledge economy. Every organization acquires a lot of learning and knowledge very day through their employees, partners or customers. This knowledge could be simple fact which was discovered during the course of problem solving, innovative way to handle certain process or the results of research work done. Normally this knowledge is not captured and stored in a organized manner. The result is that companies cannot benefit from such knowledge in future when faced with similar problems.

EaZe-KMS manages this knowledge for the enterprise in a very simple manner.

Knowledge Management System Software allows you to create an unlimited, searchable library of FAQs, articles, how-to documents, resolutions, announcements, product manuals and more. EaZe-KMS make it easy for customers to find the information they need & reduce incoming requests to your support team. EaZe-KMS is powerful & robust knowledge base software for any business.

Characteristics & Ability

· Adding Knowledge

· Review & Approval

· Sharing the Knowledge

· Knowledge Library

· Search Engine

· Rating of the Knowledge

· Alerts & Notifications

· Discussion Forum

· Blogs

· Matrix & Reports