Business Intelligence
Business intelligence software from Equalize provides information when and where needed-from virtually any data source-for faster and better decision making. Equalize offers productive Business Intelligence solutions to enterprises using cutting edge tools, processes, analytics and measurements.

Equalize brings to table a unique combination of technological and industry expertise for transforming information into Business Intelligence. We maintain a business focus which is independent of technology or platform. Our services help our customers and partners increase productivity and efficiency by transforming data into actionable information.

Equalize's Business Intelligence Roadmap:

· Equalize works with clients to gather their analytical and information requirements.

· Equalize's Business Intelligence experts carry out a formal Business Intelligence readiness assessment exercise.

· When the data that is required is identified, it is then acquired, cleared, enhanced and transformed to make it ready for analytics

· Equalize provides the client with Business Intelligence services required for data acquisition, warehousing and analysis

· Equalize's Business Intelligence experts develop a metadata management system that enables the client to understand and use the requisite data in making business decisions

· Equalize can also implement a model in which the Business Intelligence solution is managed, operated and dedicatedly hosted by us on an ongoing basis

Equalize's Business Intelligence Offerings:

We offer our solutions to leading customers across different industries and verticals. Our Business Intelligence Services are driven towards our customers' current and future needs, providing feature-rich upgraded solutions that are built on standard technologies. Equalize's unique project management approach ensures that our solutions bring significant business benefits to our clients.

Equalize's Business Intelligence Value Proposition:

· Information through best processes and tools, resulting in insightful analytics and measurements

· Effective decision making by converting raw data into targeted and meaningful information, thus driving positive business change

· Contributes to top and bottom line growth by providing the right people with the right information

· Reduced investment costs by building a consistent, integrated data warehouse.

· Access to analytic dashboards facilitating the management of business activities and performance at a glance

· Usage of a well managed data warehouse system to achieve a faster ROI.

Data warehousing

The most effective strategy for beating the competition is through transformation of business data into business intelligence via data warehousing. Data warehouse involves a long-term effort and are usually built in an incremental fashion. In addition to adding new subject areas, the breadth of data content of existing subject areas is usually increased as users expand the scope of analysis and their underlying data requirements.

Equalize DW/BI service offerings include:

· Complete analysis of functional needs

· DW/BI governance consulting, strategy, and architecture development

· Data mart and data warehouse design, using Kimball dimensional data modeling approach

· Migration strategy and planning, cross-platform migration and version upgrades

· Integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions such as SAP ERP/R3, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Custom design and develop ERP, etc

· Integration with customer relationship management (CRM) tools such as Oracle Siebel, Oracle CRM, Amdocs Clarify, Custom design and develop CRM

· Implementation of any 3rd party collaboration, file sharing and Web based OLAP server solution for dashboards, visual analysis, reporting, and custom business intelligence web portal development

· Identify and design dimensions, measures, KPI(s), target budgets, alerts, and dashboard.

· Writing ad hoc queries and simple to complex drill down reports.

Data Management

Today business is moving at a very fast pace. Organizations are looking for answers to their questions, and they need these answers in now as against later. Now time is money, and real-time information is fast becoming a requirement. Equalize can help you optimize enterprise performance and drive business results through the transformation of your organization data into information - one that is agile, efficient, and adaptable to emerging opportunities. Equalize brings to table unique database management services to solve business issues before they reach the end user level. The data related issues are resolved as early as possible without interrupting business. The major advantage of our database management services is automation and enforcement of business processes. We integrate all your data and reduce redundancies enabling you to have more efficient data management systems.

Dashboard Reporting

In organizations where multiple projects limit the amount of management involvement, dashboard reports are used to allow managers and executives to examine and assess project status. Equalize leverages on it's dashboard reporting services by highlighting only metric status points, encouraging management by exception, where deviations from the norm become the focal points of discussion. Those metrics should be established early in the project and applied as the project takes form. The dashboard provides decision makers with the analysis tool and communication vehicle for proactive planning and risk mitigation.

Business Process Analytics

Business process analytics provides process participants, decision makers, and related stakeholders with insights about the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational processes. Organizations are moving towards business process analytics solution, which help them, align their operations; with the bottom line Equalize helps organizations to achieve the financial and operational goals, using quick and easy-to-implement analytical solutions.